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Why am I not showing up under the first page search results on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing?


There are many factors that contribute to where your business shows on the search engines results page (S.E.R.P’s). Everything your company does online affects your online presence and directly affects how search engines find and display your content. The following are the four major factors that contribute to poor results:

  1. Inconsistent and duplicate content contained in your online directory citations
  2. Lack of directory citations (Yelp, Google +, Foursquare, etc)
  3. Outdated and/or duplicated website material
  4. Lack of social media presence

*Your online identity is based on 3 things: Your 1) Name 2) Address & 3) Phone Number. If you have duplicate or inconsistent information across the web such as different addresses, search engines may recognize these differences as different businesses altogether. (You may be unaware of these inconsistencies)

*If your business is not listed among the leading citation directories, search engines may not recognize your business at all which will directly affect where you show up in their results. If your competitors are listed correctly you may be noticing your business underneath them or not even listed at all on the first page.

*Search engines scan your websites material at least once per month to determine the contents of your website.   When a person searches for something Google scans the web and pulls the most relative information it can find for the search performed. They also look for new information that is industry specific and rich in relative content. If your website has old and outdated information or does not contain specific keywords that trigger results, your information may never be shown to the people who are searching for your services.

*Search engines regularly scan the content you post to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. This has become vitally important to your online presence and be a determining factor of where your business shows up on search engines. If you are not utilizing social media to your advantage your online presence will suffer and you will me missing a great opportunity to reach people in your community.


What Are Directory Citations?


Online directory citations are any mention of your business across the web. There are 200+ online directories across the web where your business information may be posted. Although you may not have personally submitted your information to these sites, there are companies called data aggregators that collect data and distribute it online. If these companies have gathered incorrect data for your business and submitted it across the web, it can have a significant negative impact on your where your business shows up when someone searches for you.


What is the Difference Between Local, Organic, and Paid Search Results?



What is PPC advertising?


(PPC) or Pay Per Click Advertising is any type of advertising, which includes paying for every time a user clicks on your advertisement. PPC advertising directly coincides with SEM or Search Engine Marketing and is essentially the exact same thing. The most common form of this is Google Adwords, although there are many other places across the Internet that paid advertising campaigns can be run. These ads are found on the top, right hand side, and bottom of the search engines result page when searching on Google.



How Does PPC Pricing Work?


Our pricing covers the cost to manage your PPC campaign when you sign up for our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. As far as the actual cost per click goes, that will be paid directly to Google. We will set everything up for you and determine a monthly budget you are comfortable spending. Google will charge you directly per click on your ads and we will pull reports for you to track performance and help find areas we can improve the campaign and get more clicks at the lowest possible price.


Can Social Media Really Help My Business?


Social media has become one of the fastest growing advertising options for business owners when it comes to online marketing and is something that every business owner is beginning to understand the importance of. Social media is an excellent way to reach a large number of potential clients and create brand awareness for your company. It is a great way to keep your business name in front of your potential customers and target your products and services to a very specific local audience. It is an excellent and relatively inexpensive form of marketing that allows you to be exactly where your customers are, exactly when they are looking for your services.



What Does it Mean to Have a Page Indexed?


Indexing a page is the process in which major search engines scan all of the information provided across the Internet. This process happens regularly and the search engines are constantly looking for new information to add to their database. This is the reason that regularly providing new, high quality, and industry relevant information is crucial to having your site indexed and can drastically improve your rankings among major search engines.


What Does it Mean to Crawl the Web?


Crawling the web is the process in which major search engines scan the web by sending spiders or web robots across the Internet to scan every piece of information that is available to them. The purpose of this is to provide up-to-date information for their databases. By providing these search engines with well-optimized websites that contain high quality, relevant, and original content, your information will have a much higher chance of being indexed properly and ranked well. This is the reason it is vital to have a well optimized website and the reason the term SEO has come to existence.



Why Do Search Engines Scan or Crawl the Web?


Search engines are constantly trying to outperform each other in an attempt to be the leading provider of information. By scanning the web regularly they can gather the most current information available and provide it to the public. The more up to date and relevant information they provide, the better experience the end user (anyone searching the web) will have and the more likely that person will use that provider again in the future.


What Happens When a Person Enters a Search on the Web?


When a person searches for a term or phrase on Internet they are not actually searching “the internet”. Instead, they are searching the database of the particular search engine they happen to be using. This means that when a person goes to Google and searches “auto repair shops near me”, the only information they are gathering is that which is held in Google’s database of the web. The same holds true for searches done through Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine for that matter.


My on-page, off-page, and local SEO are optimized to perfection and my citations across the web are 100% clean of errors and duplicates. Why do I still need an SEO company?


This is a great question that every smart business owner should be asking. The main reason you need an on-going optimization campaign is because search engines change their algorithms on a regular basis and what works one month can change drastically to the next. Google for instance changes their algorithm 500-600 times per year. Without responding promptly to these changes your rankings could drop significantly and you may have no idea, especially if you aren’t checking your rankings on a regular basis. We constantly check for updates in search engine algorithms to stay on top of the game and ahead of the competition. Another reason is even though you have everything optimized correctly you still want to regularly update content so your information isn’t sitting dormant. Companies who do not add new content and make regular changes to their content will notice a drop in rankings over time. Finally, new directories are popping up all the time and data aggregators are constantly gathering information and sending it across the web. You will notice over time that your 100% local listing score will drop as new information is gathered and new directories pop up.


Why Do Search Engines Change Their Algorithms So Often?


The main purpose of these search engines changing their algorithms so frequently is to enhance the users experience. These search engines have teams of engineers who are constantly searching for ways to achieve better and more relevant search results for everyone across the web. The more relevant results the end users receives when searching the internet, the better experience they will have and the more likely they will use the search engine again in the future. Another reason the search engines do this is to minimize “black hat” marketing tactics and penalize companies who violate search engine policy. Marketing companies who utilize black hat tactics



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