What Is Social Media Marketing?




Social media marketing refers to the efforts of increasing traffic or attention through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.  

These efforts generally include creating engaging content to attract attention with the goal of having readers share it across their social media networks.  

If done properly, the end result will be increased brand awareness and traffic to a website which will ultimately increase sales and gain customers.  As well, engaging in social media activity can improve SEO efforts can increase your websites search engine rankings.


3 out of 5 businesses say they have gained a new customer through social media

What Our Social Media Services Include

Complete set up, management, and updating the following accounts for you:


74% of consumers have reported relying on some form of social media to make purchasing decisions

Set Up

This includes adding/updating full bios of your company, any photos you may have, and completing all of the information that can be provided to each of the social media sites listed above. Don’t have any of these pages? No problem, the setup fee includes building any pages that have not yet been created. The setup fee also includes optimizing all of your pages to ensure all search engines recognize and index your pages.

Don’t see the social media site you want to be on? No problem, we can set up and manage any social media platform available and depending on the package you choose we can more than likely set them up for no additional cost!



After your social media pages have been built and optimized it is crucial to maintain them and manage them properly. We will be regularly posting (dependent on the social media package chosen) to all of the above social media sites. The content in which we will be posting will be discussed in the set up phase of your social media campaign. Posting great industry specific content is the best way to gain a following and have your posts be regularly seen by your customers and potential clients.

Regularly posting is very important, but is only one aspect of managing your social media sites. Once you begin to build a presence among your social media accounts and start seeing an increase in traffic to these sites you will begin receiving comments, questions, reviews, etc. from your current customers as well as potential prospects and new clients. It is crucial that you respond to these promptly, with great consideration and exceptional customer service skills. No worries here… We have a team of extraordinarily gifted customer service representatives to handle all of these issues for you. Any negative feedback will be brought to your attention immediately so that you can deal with it accordingly.

Another thing we will be doing for you is updating any information to your profiles you would like and we are willing to do this as often as you would like us to for no additional costs. It is very important to regularly update these pages as it gives users a better experience and is an easy and free way to increase your SEO.

As well, we will offer FREE consultation to answer any questions you may have and to help you build up your audiences and ensure your posts are being seen. We know what it takes to build Facebook audiences and can offer you insight on how to increase your page likes so your posts will be seen.


Over 90% of users say they follow local businesses to get coupons and discounts

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