What Is Search Engine Marketing?


Search engine marketing is the process of building brand awareness or driving traffic to a website through paid advertisements placed on search engine sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The most common platform for such efforts is Google Adwords, where you can develop ads which viewers will see at the top of Google’s results page when a user searches for relevant information.

This is an example of where Google’s Adwords advertisements are displayed



Studies show that an organic listing supplemented with a PPC ad can increase total clicks by over 90%

 Set Up 

Our search engine marketing services include complete set up of the PPC advertising campaign of your choice. Although we have the most experience and see the best results from Google Adwords campaigns, we can also set up other campaigns including Yahoo ads, Bing ads, and more.  Such platforms generally don’t see the amount of traffic that ads on Google’s network will, but can often offer much lower CPC ads which can be an excellent cost effective option for business owners.

Our setup includes keyword research to help us find the keyword terms and phrases that have the highest search volume for the particular services you are offering.  This will help increase click through rate (CTR) of your ad and will result in a higher quality score of the ad. Depending on the services you offer and your advertising goals, we can find both cost effective keyword terms, as well as the most competitive keywords to bid on.

This setup also includes helping choose the correct landing pages for the ads to ensure that high quality and relevant ads are created.  Developing keyword rich landing pages is the best way to increase ad performance while keeping cost-per-click (CPC) as low as possible.  By having us build a website or by using our search engine optimization services you can be certain that the landing pages we have created will achieve excellent results for your SEM campaign.  To learn more about our other services, click here.

During the setup phase of your PPC campaign, we also have the ability to create call tracking numbers so you can monitor your conversions very closely and ensure your ads are top performers.

By properly setting up your accounts from the start we can be sure to create the highest quality ads possible, with the lowest CPC, ultimately improving the performance and ensuring top spot placement for all of you campaigns.


See another form of PPC advertising you are interested in that is not mentioned above?

No Problem! We can set up just about any type of PPC advertising campaign that exists, so be sure to reach out and talk to one of our specialists about the platform that interests you!




Our SEM services include complete management and detailed reporting of your campaigns so you don’t have to worry about how your ads are performing or wasting money on poor perfomring ads. After the first ads are created we will test them to ensure high performance and create a report with our findings. We will go over the report together and find any areas we can improve the campaign. We will be continually following the above steps throughout the entire process to ensure our ads are performing well. Any changes or udpates you would like to do to your campaign are included in the service.


The top 3 paid ad spots get an average of 41% of the total clicks for the page

 How Can Search Engine Marketing Benefit My Business?


  • Search marketing or PPC advertising can be an excellent marketing tool for business owners for a number of reasons.  First off, besides for our monthly service charge you only pay when a person actually clicks on your ad. This eliminates wasting money on marketing efforts that are not delivering results.
  • Also, PPC campaigns give users the ability to create in depth reports that show exactly where advertising dollars are being spent, delivering measurable performance results.
  • Another reason search marketing is an excellent choice is because it allows you to set exact daily, monthly, quarterly, etc. budgets giving you 100% control over your budget.
  • PPC ads give you the ability to reach customers at the exact time and place they are in need of your services. By selecting the correct targeting and delivery options you can choose precisely when your ads are shown and who they are shown to.
  • Unlike organic search results which can take months to improve, PPC ads allow users the option to create an ad and have it shown very quickly (often within a few minutes).


For more in depth information regarding the benefits of PPC advertising, click here to read a great article on the topic.




Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Adwords

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